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For Sales Support , New account inquires, and questions please go here.

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Current Best-Host Clients

To contact us, ask questions, inquire about hosting, or account questions:

  • Accounts: Include your domain name ONLY.

  • Inquires : Please be as specific as possible.

  • Note, we do not trouble shoot CGI scripts that you install - we suggest you check the RESOURCES link, and get FREE CGI scripts. For info on CGI settings, see online manual #1, #2 or the special FAQ page for your site at: http://www.yourname.com/faq.html - sub in your domain name for 'yourname.com'

For Emergency 24 hour TECH SUPPORT  
[please use the special tech support contact info sent to you upon setup of your account]-

  • Include your domain name
  • Your Full name.
  • and specific nature of the challenge (included URLS please in applicable).

Note the following first, before emailing us / use the support number please....

  • PLEASE Check the ONLINE manual #1 or online manual #2 or the special custom FAQ page for your server ( http://www.yourname.com/faq.html - sub in your domain name for 'yourname.com') first.

  • If you updated your Email redirects, it make take 15 minutes for the server to update, same goes for script installs.

  • If you are trying to FTP to your account and get 'login' error - this means the server is temporaryly busy, please RE-TRY. Our servers are set up to grant PRIORITY to websites traffic FIRST.

  • If you are getting a CGI error (Server Error 500) , make sure you upload in ASCII only - or RETRY/ RELOAD.

  • If you are waiting for a DOMAIN transfer, this can take up to 7 days - depending on the load at Internic.Net - for transfers you must RESPOND using the same email address you used when you initially aquired the domain name.

  • If you are waiting for a NEW domain name to 'take hold' / 'activate' this can take up to 7 days - again depending on the load at Internic.

  • Your email (including autoresponders, and maillists) will NOT work, until your domain name transfers or activates.
  • When sending email to MAILLISTS allow 3 to 4 hours for emailing the ENTIRE list. This varies on server loads.


Please contact support or sales by going here. to email / contact TECH SUPPORT - most questions / challenges are responded to within 1-6 hours or less.

Depending on the difficulty involved, this may take longer - but we are working on it as soon as you contact us.

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BEST-HOST is a division of Becanada, and Becanada is a division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Becanada creates software to automate internet advertising [Power Submitter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], website replication and many other types of desktop and server based software, operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] with website design, does custom programing for clients worldwide, operates 3 newsletters ["Cashlinks", "ISell Newsletter", "Internet Marketing"] with over 50,000 subscribers total and runs several websites and affiliate programs. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated and has 10 of 1000s of clients worldwide and over 10,000 affiliates worldwide.

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24/7/365 Support ONLY:

If you have a GOLD PREMIER or GOLD STARTER hosting account only, use the special support website address for fast response.

Less than 1 hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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