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Part Seven

Java Chat
Real Audio/Real Video
HTML Script
Miva Merchant shoppingcart
Microsoft Front Page Extensions
Additional Users on your Domain
Appendix: Helpful Links

Java Chat

We provide your choice of Java Chat programs for use on your domain. Extra charges apply for use of this feature. See our fee schedule for pricing. If you have applied for basic Java Chat, look on your website for a chat directory. It will already be configured for your server. To join the chat, with your browser, go to:


The page can be customized, but leave all the tags alone that have to do with <APPLET CODE>.
These rooms are capable of upto 20 users at one time.

Real Audio/Real Video

Real Audio or Real Audio/Video is available for an extra charge. See our fee schedule for details.

Real Audio is a real time audio transmission/player system. A digital audio stream is transmitted from the server over the Internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played.

Each audio clip requires two files: a metafile with extension .ram, and the digital audio clip itself, with extension .ra.

The .ram file holds one or more lines of ASCII text, each of which references the .ra file to be played when the .ram file is accessed by the browser.

Entries in .ram files have the form:


Place your .ram and .ra files in the realaudio subdirectory under your web directory. Remember that .ram files must be uploaded in ASCII mode while .ra files must be uploaded in BINARY mode. You may then access these files via a web browser at:


Miva - HTML Script (for qualifying accounts only)

Miva makes building dynamic, data driven web pages as easy as HTML. You can quickly develop interactive web pages that are 100% browser independent. Miva runs on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs pure HTML to the browser. You can also use Miva to output Javascript and other browser languages, and use the built-in database to easily manipulate and publish data.

Full documentation and usage support for HTML Script can be found at http://htmlscript.com/. Miva offers a variety of features and you should visit their site for more information.

We are running version 3.0 of HTML Script. The following is what you will need to know for use on your domain.

The script being called is "miva", which is in your cgi-bin. The active pages (pages with .hts or .mv) need to be placed in your root www directory, not in subdirectories. A sample URL call for this would be as follows:


HTMLSCRIPT has a variety of pre configured products that require path information
we have preconfigured miva to automatically look into the /home/domain/htsdata directory for data files, If data is placed in this directory a example call would be as follows


<export file="file.dat">

To call Htmlscript thru the secure server use the following:


Machine should be replaced with the name of the system your on, ie pan, artemis, osirus, ect . . .

More On The Miva Engine.

The Miva Engine makes building dynamic web sites as easy as writing HTML. Quickly develop server and browser independent dynamic sites using the XML standard. Dynamic sites that integrate scripting, database, and commerce can be developed and tested on a Microsoft workstation and deployed on Microsoft or Unix servers.


Miva runs as a pre-processor on the web server, interprets the Miva tags and outputs standard HTML, XML, Javascript, and other user interface code to the browser. Use the built-in database and ODBC interfaces to easily manipulate and publish data. Anyone that knows HTML can use Miva.

Miva (Htmlscript 3.0) tags are XML compliant and include:

Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a multipage fully web administered shop cart (You must purchase a lic to use this)

Miva Merchnat basic setup instructions
We will place the proper files after you purchase a lic on your domain, this is generally done within 24 hours of purchase with the exception of saturday.

To start using Miva Merchnat follow the steps below using your browser

Note: in the secure calls above, machine must be replaced with the name of the system your located on

HTMLscript corp will answer any question or problems that may arise during your configuration generally you can completly setup your shopping cart with no problems.


If you wish to to have a Majordomo listserver activated, email us and tell us the name you would like, be sure to check with sales for pricing. Make sure it has a different name than the name of your domain. For instance if your domain was fredhappy.com, you might want to ask for fredhappydomo.

Once we have set up your Majordomo listserver, you can get help by sending email to majordomo@yourdomain.com. On the first line of your email, just type the word HELP. You will be sent a general help file. If you want more detailed instructions on using Majordomo, you can email:

For full instructions Domo@safe-order.net

Another great resource for Majordomo information is:


Microsoft Front Page Extensions

Publishing a Web
After you have built your html documents and are ready to upload them to our server:
1. Open the web you've created on your PC using FP Explorer.
2. Choose File > Publish
3. If your "Destination Web Server" doesn't appear in the Publish window (it won't the first time you publish to our server)
CHOOSE "More Webs" and type the location of the web to publish to. Hit return.
IMPORTANT: Use www.yourdomain.com as the Destination Web Server to publish to our server.
Leave the "Destination Web Name" BLANK.
4. You will be asked for your USERNAME and PASSWORD. This is your domain's
USERNAME and your FrontPage PASSWORD (which may be dfferent than your regular telnet/ftp/POP password). If you're not sure what it is or if you aren't allowed past this point, you'll need to contact us for a new FP password.
5. You can watch the progression of the upload by looking at the bottom left corner of FP

Opening an Existing Web

    Troubleshooting Common Problems with FP98

Getting error - "Root Web Busy"
FTP or telnet to your site and remove the "service.lck" file in /www/_vti_pvt.  This usually happens when an FP session is interrupted before completion.

Server timing out when publishing large sites.
This difficulty arises when the uploading link times out in the process of copying the web to our server.  The only suggestion Microsoft has offered so far is to break the main web into a group of sub webs on your PC, then upload these individually.  If this problem persists for you, please contact support.

Getting Error - "Front Page Extensions not Installed"
We often see this error being reported even when the extensions have been installed.  If you get this error, please contact support and we'll make sure the extensions are installed and repair them if necessary.
NOTE:  The extensions are easily corrupted.  Please use only FP Explorer to update your web site on the server, not FTP.

I published but my web's not there!
This will happen when the "Destination Web Name" is filled in when publishing to our server.
This box should be left blank.  If you put any other name in this box it will create a subdirectory off of your root web and copy all of your files into it.  Your site will exist under a subdirectory instead of at the top level /www where it should be.
My counter, bbs, guestbook, etc
isn't working.
These problems are generally due to incorrect permissions on either the directory, file(s) or cgi script(s) that are associated with them.  Please don't change the permissions of your files or directories unless you have a specific reason for doing so and you know what effect it will have on your site.
My forms won't work through the Secure Server.
    The call to a cgi script using the Secure Server must not be within a webbot.  Use a normal cgi call in your html script for Secure Server calls.

My search bot doesn't return any results.
The /www directory must be world readable AND you need to recalculate links BEFORE publishing (or after editing directly on the server).  If it still doesn't work:  FTP to
the server and go to the /www/_vti_txt/default.wti directory.   Delete any files that begin with "ALL.".  Don't delete any other files.  Then using Windows Explorer, do the same thing on your PC.  Recalculate links, test locally with your browser and publish.

FP starts the Web Publishing Wizard when I try to publish.
Cancel the operation and contact support to have the FP extensions installed/repaired.

Why is my page renamed on the server when I publish?
The "Default Document" of your web is automatically renamed by the server to what is required by the configuration of the server.  For example, if you've named the main page "index.html", it may be renamed "default.html".  Just check the links to your main page to make sure they refer to it the same way.

NOTE: If you are using FrontPage, you should NEVER use regular FTP to upload your files. This will damage the extensions. Stick with one or the other all the time.

Additional Users on your Domain

If you have asked for additional POP/FTP/Telnet accesses on your domain, the users of these additional accounts can access the server via FTP, Telnet, and Email with the following parameters:

Hostname: yourdomain.com

Username: their unique username

Password: their unique password

POP Account: their unique username@yourdomain.com

SMTP Server: yourdomain.com

When they login via FTP or Telnet, they will be taken to their directory, where they will see their own www directory

Appendix: Helpful Links

The following are sites on the Internet which we have found to be helpful:

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
A great resource for all things HTML.

The CGI Resource Index
A vast selection of CGI Scripts (free and for pay).

Directory Guide
A guide to many of the directories on the Internet.

Position Agent
Find out how your page ranks in search engines and find out to to move your site up in the listings.

Submit your site to multiple search engines at one time.

Our favorite hip search engine.

Black Coffee
Applications, resources, and source code for Java users and developers.

A huge selection of artwork for your webpages.

WEB Techs
Validate your webpages and make sure they will show up properly in the various browsers.

HTML Goodies
Lots of really cool stuff here. An excellent reference for newbies and techies alike.


Some of the text referring to CGI scripts was taken directly or adapted for our use from ReadMe files provided by the script designers. Many thanks to the folks at Matt's Script Archives for their excellent documentation! Please support Matt's Scripts by visiting http://www.worldwidemart.com/scripts/. Their scripts are free, but that doesn't mean they are cheap. Much time went into the development of each script and Matt is one of the best scripters around!

Consider purchasing The CGI/Perl Cookbook by Craig Patchett and Matthew Wright ($49.99, 656 pages, Wiley Computer Publishing, October, 1997, ISBN 0471168963, Paper/CD-ROM). It is an excellent resource for those of you interested in learning CGI scripting.

Visit http://www.cgi-perl.com/ for more details!

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