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Welcome to our Ordering Center for "Webhosting Package Deals"

BEST-HOST Website Hosting
A Division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC

You are about to place an order for "Web site hosting services" and you have arrived in time to receive the bonuses valued at $500 FREE - as our way of saying "thanks for choosing Best-Host today".

The latest version of Microsoft Frontpage Extensions are included free and automatically installed for you with your account.


Please choose one of the packages below and enter the information we need to setup your account as noted... then proceed to payment area. Payment will be made to "David Belton Software Enterprises INC". Your new hosting account will be setup as soon as we receive your order - within 60 minutes or less.

Please allow up to 30 seconds or more to connect to the completely automated and secure ordering system and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your order. Your hosting account access codes, members' area and bonuses will be sent to you by email as soon as your account is setup by our techs.

Thank you for choosing Best-Host Website Hosting Services today!

Ordering Option #1 - Order by Credit card or online check

We accept payment from all users in all countries using a major credit card including US E-checks.

Goods and services provided by David Belton Software Enterprises INC (ON, Canada). Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA). "2Checkout.com Inc" is an authorized retailer for David Belton Software Enterprises INC - Best-Host is a division of this company.

Package Deals Links will appear on the next page.

PLEASE fill in the following, and click on "Click here to Buy Now" to go to the secure payment area.

Your first name:

Your last name:

E-Mail Address for contact [ie myname@myisp.com ]:

Domain Name  Choices for your account [at least 3]:
[Example: mywebsite.com ]:

If you are not sure what to enter in the above field, leave them BLANK and our techs will contact you automatically and walk you through the process of setting up your account.

Ordering Options #2 - Order by Credit card, online check or Paypal

If you have any problem ordering using Paypal payment systems please use option#1 above.

"e-checks", and "Paypal" ... .

Step #1 - Please Pick a Package Deal Plan - You will be billed for the "package price" the first day, and then monthly for the hosting.

Package Deal #1
Package Deal #2
Package Deal #3
Package Deal #4
Package Deal #5
Package Deal #6
Package Deal #7
Package Deal #8

Please fill in the fields below as instructed [if you are not sure what to enter here, leave them BLANK and our techs will contact you automatically and walk you through the process of setting up your account], click on the "Go to Step 3..." to continue to the payment processing area...  

3 Domain Name choices for your new hosting account:
[Example: mywebsite.com ]:

Email Address - please enter your email address here:
[Example: myname@myisp.com ]

Questions? Problem Ordering?

  • If you have a challenge connecting to a secure server and/or ordering, got a question about ordering, or need answers to common ordering problems, etc. click HERE

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