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Gold Starter Web-Hosting Accounts Features

Gold Starter and Gold Premier are our most popular accounts. All accounts are located on premium servers, with multiple backup facilities - hardware and software are constantly monitored and upgraded regularly to ensure the best service possible. Free 24/7/365 support included. We do not charge you extra to upgrade or downgrade accounts.

Get a new account setup within 60 minutes or less... a Gold Starter account will meet the needs of all personal usage, and most business uses.

Gold Starter Special Features

All features, including training site are accessed via easy to use browser online control panel [full detailed instructions included for all features and controls] available 24/7. New features added at no charge regularly. Accounts now feature anti-spam technology to save you time and stop unwanted emails BEFORE they reach your inbox.

We also offer the ability to add on unlimited additional domains [with separate folders ] to your account. You could host 1, 2, 5 or 10 different domains [or more] on a single account [each would appear as a different domain]. One time additional charges apply for each added account added to your "master account".

Additional domains can be added at any time.

Need help picking a hosting account?

Just email us to have an expert recommend an account to suit your needs and budget Click here

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Web Hosting Plans Features Gold Starter
Monthly Fee:
[ there are no setup fees ]


SAVE MONEY: If you want to pay for 12 months hosting in
advance, you can prepay and save 20% per month.
$143.50 per year

[ no monthly fees or setup fees ]
True Domain, your own IP address with Microsoft FrontPage INCLUDED
Traffic Allotment per Month 5GB [5000MB] - now 8GB
[Over 8000 visitors per day]
Disk Space 200 MB - now 300MB
[Over 15,000 documents/images/etc]
Access to Raw Log Files INCLUDED
POP Email 15
eMail Aliases Unlimited
eMail Redirects 150
Autoresponders Unlimited
Secure Server " https:// " INCLUDED
Access 2 FTP/SSH only
Subscribable Mailing Lists INCLUDED, Unlimited
Forums Multi-User INCLUDED
VisitorBook Pro INCLUDED
Wusage 6.0 INCLUDED
Search Engine Submission 12 Major
Customizable Missing Docs Page INCLUDED
Server Side Includes [ "shtml" ] INCLUDED
Miva Empressa INCLUDED
Online Manual INCLUDED
Training Center INCLUDED
Backups Daily
Support Desk 24/7/365

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E-Checks, And Paypal

SYSTEM TOOLS - Detailed Listings

All Systems, and Versions are subject to constant upgrades automatically done at no charge to you.

Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
  • Formmail
  • CGI eMail
  • Quiz Master
  • Postcards
  • Vote/survey
  • Whois
  • Click and Go
  • Simple Site Search
  • SFE Page Search
  • Power Page Search
  • Free for All Llinks
  • Random text display
  • Graphical Counter
  • Text Based Counter

Other Features

Programming Languages
  • Java jdk 1.1.5

  • Python 1.4

  • TCL

  • C++

  • Perl5

    • Key Perl modules beside the standard ones.

      • DBI 1.06

      • LWP 5.36

      • HTML-parser 2.20

      • CGI.pm 2.49

      • MIME-Base64 2.06

      • MD5 1.17

      • libnet 1.0605

      • DBD 2.0091 (includes DBD::mysql and DBD::mSQL)

      • GD.pm 1.18

      • MailTools-1.12

      • IO-stringy-1.203 


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E-Checks, And Paypal

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BEST-HOST is a division of Becanada, and Becanada is a division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Becanada creates software to automate internet advertising [Power Submitter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], website replication and many other types of desktop and server based software, operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] with website design, does custom programing for clients worldwide, operates 3 newsletters ["Cashlinks", "ISell Newsletter", "Internet Marketing"] with over 50,000 subscribers total and runs several websites and affiliate programs. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated and has 10 of 1000s of clients worldwide and over 10,000 affiliates worldwide.

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