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"I was sick and tired of webhosts that did not seem to give a damn about my internet marketing needs or for that matter understand them. So in 1997 I decided to do something about it. I found the best tech support hosting personal I could talk to, the best servers and the best hosting packages for the best price in terms of quality and features and created Best-Host. Because frankly as a serious internet marketer I needed the fastest loading websites and absolute uptime guarantees to make sure every visitor that visits my websites got the best experience possible - meaning more sales and results. And of course the right tools and support to make my life easier."

Best-Host is for serious worldwide internet marketers and online businesses of every size. Unlike the vast majority of other hosts out there we are both experienced internet marketers and experienced website hosting services providers so we know how to make internet marketing and website hosting technologies come together to make certain you succeed now and have the support you need when you need it.  Experience the difference 30 days RISK free today and get over $500 in 13 free bonuses that are picked to ENHANCE your hosting/marketing results plus get up to 20% discounts for a limited time on all packages...

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FROM: CEO BEST-HOST, David Belton 
Tuesday 10:05 AM.

Dear Friend,

I started my internet businesses in late 1995 - and I quickly got sick and tired of hosting services that do not live up to their claims - not to mention ruin business reputations and income generation from the Internet. Add to that these "services" just did not seem to provide what I needed to succeed NOR understand internet marketing at all [ever got a spam complaint? tried to fight it?] or my needs and support requirements - so I decided to do something about it.

In 1997 I created Best-Host. Since then I have provided clients worldwide with 24/7/365 tech support, ultra fast servers, 99.9% up time guarantee, multiple round the clock monitored connections to the internet to ensure the absolutely best hosting experience for you and your visitors every day of the year and mine too [all my sites are hosted by Best-Host of course too]. I decided to include all the tools, software and resources you need to make your website profitable too and all the features you need with your account to really make a difference -at no extra cost because my success is tied to your success.

But here is the bottom line...

I knew I only had one chance to make the right impression AND make every visit count  when it comes to getting people to my websites - because the fact of the matter is 90% of those people that visit your website never return.

Why did I settle for slow servers [visitors can't reach my website or have a frustrating experience] and/or no support only to save a few bucks?! It makes me sick how much income I lost because of using "budget" hosts. I mean does it make sense to save $5 , $10 or $20 a month only to lose $1000s in sales?! It is a no brainer.

The truth behind these "budget wonders" is shocking - something I found out the hard way. The only way they can offer such low prices is to jam pack servers with 100 - 300 [or more] websites per machine.

Now this is ok as long as all the websites hosted on this machine get very few visitors... but when people are surfing the net and want to see your website and the net is busy AND/OR just a few of these other websites are getting  lots of traffic [or worse run software that bogs down the server] ... that machine and all the websites on it will slow down to a crawl or worse your website will not come up at all. Imagine you are in rush hour traffic and there are just 2 or 3 accidents on a major street - traffic crawls to a halt - this is exactly what happens to your website - no one can get through to your website and you lose bigtime.

Hey? Want a scary scenario? You run a promotion using paid advertising - and no one can see/visit your site? You lost your potential sales AND your advertising bucks. Add to the fact the cost of internet advertising is rising - no one in their right mind can afford to take this risk anymore.

I am very serious about making absolutely certain your website is up and working properly. Every website is monitored - usage, hits - everything as if it were on a server all by itself. We do not "cram" our servers.

Each website is monitored to ensure it is only using the allotted amount of resources - so you never have to worry about "some other website" stealing your traffic or sales. Every 15 minutes your website is checked to ensure it is up and running and accessible to the whole world - automatically every hour of every day. How much is that peace of mind worth to you? To me it's like having an "armed guard" watching over your income generator 24/7.

To me "peace of mind" was only half the battle. Its like buying a new car, only without the fuel. So I decided to give you the "fuel" you need to make absolutely certain your website and business is a success -  short and long term.

Your website[s] deserve the best and you deserve the extras to get your business off to a flying start with the tools and training center to keep your business flying now and into tomorrow . Because we are in business with you, your new account includes software, how to information, tools and resources you need to automate advertising, leads generation, sales and traffic generation to make your website profitable from day 1 - because I believe success can not be left to chance - and frankly our success depends on your success. See listing of included bonuses at right.

I unconditionally guarantee my services, software, tools, and bonuses will make a difference in your website[s]'s success - or you do not pay and you can keep the bonuses, no questions asked.

You can get a new full featured website account setup in 60 minutes or less AND get an exclusive members area, and over $500 in internet marketing bonuses free for a limited time [listed at the right]. Experience top notch 24/7/365 tech support, ultra fast servers, power packed features and free upgrades... host your account with us today and experience the difference now!

There is something we DO NOT do, that almost all other website hosts do...

I do not charge setup fees or transfer fees on new accounts - because my clients continue to host with me month after month, year after year. My clients succeed because they have high quality peace of mind hosting AND the tools, software and how to information they need to maintain and grow their success. Other website hosts lose clients regularly- that is why they need setup fees - because they do not provide quality services AND/OR the tools, software and how to information you need to succeed.

Here is a short list of some of our extra features and services:

See a summary list of features included in new accounts below.

Exclusive Added Bonus : Automated Leads Followup Systems

The one thing I know is continued Email followups equals sales - it's that simple - and I want your new website hosted with us to succeed. For that reason Best Host has secured a special offer to help you increase sales with your new website hosting account:

In addition to unlimited "regular" autoresponders included with every account [your new account has these already included]:

This exclusive Best-Host offer is limited, and may be dis-continued at any time. Software and systems created by our parent company for my hosting clients.

Best-Host is committed to providing premium level services and the tools, software and information you need to outperform your competitors day in and day out to maximize your revenue from the Internet and your visitors experience at your website[s] - because it costs you too much to have less than the best for your website[s] and online business.

Order a new hosting account or switch your current hosting account to us today - risk free. Just scroll down, pick an account and order now.

P.S: If you switch from your current website host today the worse that can happen is you get all the tools, software and how to information to make your website[s] and online business successful at NO cost to you.

P.P.S: If you have questions, please contact me - I will know how to make your goals a reality the right way - the first time. Unlike the vast majority of other hosts out there we are both experienced internet marketers and experienced website hosting services providers so we know how to make internet marketing and website hosting technologies come together to make certain you succeed now.

Yours Truly,

David Belton, CEO BEST-HOST
A Division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC
A registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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BEST-HOST is a division of Becanada, and Becanada is a division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Becanada creates software to automate internet advertising [Power Submitter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], website replication and many other types of desktop and server based software, operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] with website design, does custom programing for clients worldwide, operates 3 newsletters ["Cashlinks", "ISell Newsletter", "Internet Marketing"] with over 50,000 subscribers total and runs several websites and affiliate programs. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated and has 10 of 1000s of clients worldwide and over 10,000 affiliates worldwide.

Copyright 1997-2005 Best-Host Website Services.
Division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC

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