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Hello Dave,

Your are STAR! I think they are making it as difficult as possible to move the site. They have been really silly because it is always better to part on good terms. Who knows what is around the corner?


Muriel Birnie


It took awhile to find out how to do the transfer. Yahoo is not big about returning your e-mails. I am glad that both your customer service and tech help is better. TONS better, in fact. SMILE

I cancelled my Yahoo! account, so my website is down until we get through this. I think I will wait on the second website to make sure everything works out ok on this one. You have to go to: XXXXX and select "make changes". Then enter the delegation details (your information). I would have done it myself, but I do not know what the delegation details are.

Thank you for your help!

Diana Hooper

Many thanks for your speedy action regarding this matter.

Thanks again for the speed in dealing with this matter.

Kind regards

John Williams

From: "Brenda L. Scott"



Hi Dave,

Thanks for the Ultra fast set up!

Thanks again!


Fantastic job on getting my site set up! Thank you!

Thanks again for the outstanding service,

John A. Buck

RE: using comments

Of course you can use my comments for promotion!

I think your hosting service is incredible! I was paying almost twice as much before for the EXACT same features.

Thanks for the timely reply.

John A. Buck

Hellloooooo David,

Man, you guys work fast. Thanks a million for the fast service!


George Cabellon

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much. The crontab is working fine now.

Your level of support is unmatched in my experience on the web.

Thanks again,


Thanks Dave. Got it... new ip and already uploaded.

You're great!


I'm interested in converting to your Gold Premier service. It states a shopping cart. I'm interested in setting up a site that I can sell various items such as downloadable e-books and merchandise. I'm a one person business owner looking to increase exposure and sales. Your assistance the past year I have done business with you compels me to convert to your services. I have appreciated your help and patience. I need a small store front. Your advise on what I should purchase and use.

Thank you.

Larry Sturgeon

Tampa Bay Suncoast Enterprise

Yes, unfortunately I must cease the evergreen2 website.

However, bear with me since I will be coming back to you in about a month with a new site.


Sheila & Hans Schult

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Steven Smith at has sent a compliment regarding Belton Enterprises

Date/Time: Compliment to: Belton Enterprises at

The compliment as written by Steven Smith:

Great company to do business with they go out of their way to make there customers happy and to provide a quality product.

I started with Becanada in the very beginning days and then hosted my website The Family Page. I went htru some financial hardships. I am currently seeking to rehost my site and noticed a great deal of changes. I have been away from the net approximately 1 yr or so. I would like to know if the hosting program I had with Best Host is Still available and if so at what price/mo or year. Thanks Dave I owe you one.

You and your company have been good too me the last 5 yrs or so ..

Thanks for your time and patience

Jerome Griego

Thank you so much for including my classifieds site in the Power Submitter for Classifieds Software. I have been using this software for at least 6 months, and have only had the classifieds site for much less than that. I was included today at about 3:00 pm and have had quite a few ads since then. More than I usually have...and they are aren't all from India, Pakistan, etc or weren't even obscene as was the case before

I am also very pleased with the section that you included my site in. It is also the the section of the software that I personally use the most.

Because I have been such a pest in the past and have asked such stupid questions, I especially wanted to thank you again.

Thank you,

Sherry Wolff

Hello David,

I have been a customer of "becanada" ever since I have had a computer, going on eight months now. Your products have been invaluable to me and "becanada" has kept me from not doing any business to at least staying afloat.

Jerry Lee

Hello Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got the Power Submitter software functioning. I disabled my antivirus and also uninstalled the Kazaa program because it utilizes a download manager, rebooted my computer, clicked the setup.exe file and it finally worked. Thanks for the timely replies and excellent support.

Your Friend In Nevada,

Michael Budd

[note: Yes, this is a real client email ! , Aug 2003]

Firstname: Jay

Lastname: Palmer

Question or Comments Send:

I`ll be brief. My name Is Jay Palmer from Moreno Valley California, and I`m sending this e-mail to the owner/creator of the BeCanada site. I`ve been In marketing and sales for over 28 years, and have put togeather some Incredibly successful marketing campaigns for alot of well known national companies. Over the past 5-6 years I`ve been working at the learning curve portion of the Internet e-commerce marketing world. And due to the nature of myself, I`ve been greatly hindered In the development of my site, due to the fact that I`m a total perfectionist. I`ve studied a million sites or more, and have been looking for a solid site that I`d give my approval towards, as that would be the pattern I`d create for my site. Until today I`ve saw maybe 25 that were partially correct, but still were lacking In 2 or ore areas. Today I`m totally blown away, because you could have been my "personage double" because your site Is absolute perfection without any restraint. Thank you for reinstating my faith In the belief that It can be done, and you`ve done It. I`ll be looking forward to working with you over time. And would greatly love It If you would mentor me. I would be much appreciative, and would In return create solid value for you In other capacities and projects I`ve got on the drawing board.

Thank You In Advance........

Hi Dave,

My face is red. Exact error was OE (operator error). Was looking at the wrong set of ads. Once I figured that out everything was fine. Sorry to trouble you.

Have a GREAT day!

Arlene Windell,

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your kind help.

Best regards,


[NOTE: refering to 100,000 resources section at BEst-Host [members area]]

Thanks for putting such a useful site on the Web! I would really appreciate it if you could give me a heads up if you move or change

link locations, or if you post any new material that you think my visitors would be interested in.

A link back to my site would also be nice. :-) If you link back to me, I'll put your site at the top of its category and I'll mark it with a special "TIP" image.

Again, thank you very much for your great web site.


Carol Daniels

Good Morning Dave.

First and foremost you are so nice for getting back to me and being so professional.I appreciate your response.

Thank you again for your assistance.


Sharon J. Bova

Thanks so much, Dave!

Everything back and seems to be working great. SMILE

Take care,

Diana Hooper

Dear Dave

I am thankful for you answers and your time. These answers have been very helpful to me.

Donald Murray


Many Thanks for the swift reply

I much appreciate your forwarding my Adblaster software and help files

Wow so much to read ...

I will have a full night ahead of me so must press on

Many Thanks Again

Bob Hodgson

Thanks, Dave!

I am just getting back into online activities and will be moving to a new home with a Broadband connection at the end of the month.

Please keep me informed of your offers for e-products, resellers, etc.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I hit the wrong and deleted me from you mail list.I am a very satisfied customer and want to receive the up grades

Sorry !!! I just plane GOOFED



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